The Pipe and Precast Laborer reports directly to the Pipe and Precast Foreman and participates in the safe production, handling, and storage of reinforced concrete pipe and related precast concrete products.


The Pipe and Precast Laborer is expected to perform all essential responsibilities and duties in a manner that ensures a safe and healthful working environment for him/herself as well as those he/she will work around on a daily basis in accordance with all company policies and procedures, including those outlined in the company Safety & Health Manual and the Progressive Discipline and Counseling policy.

Reinforced Pipe and Precast Products Fabrication

  1. Fabricate and weld steel wire reinforcement cages.
  2. Place and secure wire reinforcement in various pipe forms.
  3. Clean, prepare, and stage reinforced pipe molds for use as required in production.
  4. Place and finish plastic concrete into various pipe and precast forms.
  5. Remove forms from hardened concrete and assist in storing hardened concrete products as required.

Other Duties

  1. Safely operate a rubber-tire forklift.
  2. Safely operate an overhead crane.
  3. Assist with regular preventative maintenance of plant equipment and concrete forms.
  4. Be responsible for assisting with general housekeeping including but not limited to:
    1. Shop cleanliness
    2. Breakroom and restroom cleanliness
    3. General facilities cleanup
  5. Assist with other reasonable tasks as instructed by the Pipe and Precast Foreman and/or the Pipe and Precast Division Manager.


The physical demands of the Pipe and Precast Laborer position are essential to the performance of this job.  Any change in these demands would fundamentally change the job.  The physical demands require that the Pipe and Precast Laborer be able to do the following:

  1. Must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time often on wet, slick, and/or uneven terrain or surfaces and in low-light conditions.
  2. Must be capable of lifting, carrying, and/or toting up to 50 Lbs.
  3. Must be able to bend/stoop, squat/crouch, push/pull, climb, kneel, and twist.
  4. Must be able work both inside and outside, in the heat and cold, and around moving equipment.


The following restrictions apply to the Pipe and Precast Laborer position:

  1. Must be able to manipulate all equipment controls safely and accurately by pushing, pulling, squeezing and turning levers, knobs, buttons, and wheels.
  2. Must be able to read, write, and understand English.
  3. Must be able to understand verbal commands.
  4. Must be able to use various tools and equipment in a safe manner to perform job functions. These include but are not limited to broom, mop, pick, shovel, sledgehammer, rubber hammer, electric chipping hammer, air hammer, and other various hand and power tools as needed.
  5. Must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and possess a valid driver’s license.
  6. Must be able to pass a non-DOT pre-employment drug and breath alcohol screen
  7. Must be able to pass a non-DOT pre-employment physical exam.
  8. Must be able to work a flexible work schedule, including Saturdays as required.



  1. Minimum High School education or equivalent desired.


  1. The Pipe and Precast Laborer should be dependable and act in a professional manner with fellow employees.
  2. The Pipe and Precast Laborer should possess a positive attitude and a level of determination to successfully complete tasks and assignments.
  3. The Pipe and Precast Laborer should be a self-starter and motivated to learn.


  1. Previous experience with a rubber-tire forklift and/or an overhead crane is preferred but not required.
  2. Previous experience with stick welding is preferred but not required.



To apply for this job, download and fillout the application or fill out the online form below. If you download the form to fillout, you can print and fax the form to 662-842-6327 or bring in to the nearest B&B plant location.