The Corinth Division Batch Person derives his/her authority from the Corinth Division Manager and from the company president and his designees and is responsible for:


Support and encourage a positive safety culture.

Be safety minded and ensure compliance with the company’s safety policy on a day – to – day basis.

Assist the plant manager to ensure compliance with all safety and regulatory policies, including Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasures, Hazardous Communication Plan, Confined Space Plan, Lockout Tagout Plan, Respiratory Protection Plan, and any other plans designated by the Director of Safety & Human Resources or the officers of the company.

Assist the plant manager in following the company’s Progressive Discipline & Counseling Policy in monitoring and enforcing safety performance and compliance as well as the performance and compliance with other company policies and procedures.

Sales and Customer Service

Professionally answer the telephone and give information to callers.  Professionally greet and assist customers and visitors to the office.

Take orders for ready – mix concrete utilizing the plant’s computerized order entry and dispatching system following the procedures in the dispatch system guide and training manual.  Enter counter ticket sales (aggregates, contractor supplies, intercompany transactions, etc.) into the order entry system for processing.

Accurately compute amounts using a calculator, including calculation of the cubic yards of concrete required for a customer’s order and the billing amounts for the customer’s order.

Quote prices for company products within guidelines established.

Refer customer inquiries with special pricing considerations to the sales staff for follow-up.

Build and encourage a positive working relationship with customers to ensure their high satisfaction with our service, quality, and overall performance.

Make external visits and sales calls to both prospective and current customers and individuals of influence on an “as needed basis” and as a special priority during slow periods at the plant as part of our intentional external sales, customer service, relationship building, and promotion efforts.

Establish and coordinate the delivery schedule for customer orders to ensure the delivery of the concrete in a timely and efficient manner.  Take specific directions from customers to their job sites keeping in mind that rural deliveries sometimes require using a different route due to road and bridge conditions.

Dispatch the ready – mix concrete trucks and provide accurate delivery instructions and directions to the drivers to successfully make these deliveries.  Utilize the Libra Dispatch System as an essential tool for monitoring and tracking order progress and truck statuses.

Maintain radio contact with drivers to expedite and monitor deliveries.

Communicate with plant yard personnel.

Prepare ready-mix concrete delivery tickets and counter tickets as required.

Receive cash payments and checks from customers and process according to the company’s standard operating procedures.

Coordinate with representatives of the MDOT, NCRS, Corps of Engineers, etc. as required.

Coordinate with other ready-mix plants on the allocation of truck/driver resources.

Assist the Plant Manager in the monitoring and follow-up on past due uncollected open account credit sales, returned checks, and other payment-related problems.


Open and close either the Corinth plant as required.

Accurately proportion and batch a load of ready-mix concrete (including computing the amount of water to be added to each load) utilizing the plant’s computerized batching system.

Obtain a good overall working knowledge of the mechanical and electrical components of the concrete plant.  Assist in the maintenance and service of the plant.

Establish or adjust work procedures to meet production schedules.

Analyze and resolve, if possible, production problems.

Constantly monitor the operating performance and condition of the plant and associated equipment, including the mixer trucks and the front – end loaders.

Assist the plant manager in estimating the requirements, ordering, and inspecting the required raw materials for the daily production to ensure that we have enough inventory of these raw materials on hand for the production demand.

Assist the plant manager in coordinating and supervising the driver of the tractor and cement tanker which are assigned to the plant for hauling bulk cement.

Assist the plant manager in coordinating and supervising the independent truck haulers in the delivery and stockpiling of the raw materials.

Ensure that accurate records of the materials received, and the materials used in the daily production of ready-mix concrete are maintained.

Operate a rubber-tired front – end loader as required to push up delivered aggregates into the correct bunker or stockpile, fill the aggregate bins, clean out the wash – out pit, or to perform other plant yard functions.

Operate the radial stacker conveyor to maintain the supply of the correct, designated aggregates in the plant storage bins.

Drive and operate as required a ready – mix concrete truck in a safe, professional manner per the company’s procedures.

Lift heavy objects weighing up to 100 pounds by hand.

Quality Control

Ensure compliance with the company’s quality control manual.

Verify the concrete quality meets the specifications established by the company and a specific concrete mix design.

Be prepared to perform quality control tests on plastic concrete as required by the company’s quality control program.  Maintain the required ACI Field Testing Grade 1 certification for performing these tests.

Ensure conformance of company’s products to job specifications.


Report any apparent problems with the plant, equipment, and trucks to the plant manager, company engineer, fleet manager, or president of the company or his designee, as required.

Assist the plant manager in ensuring the cleanliness and orderliness of the buildings and the ready-mix plant yard, including the washout pit area.

Assist the plant manager in ensuring the cleanliness and appearance of the trucks assigned to the plant.

Assist the plant manager in receiving the daily ready – mix truck drivers’ concrete vehicle inspection reports and ensure that both the company’s and the Federal Department of Transportation’s truck maintenance requirements are being met by each driver. Assist the plant manager in ensuring that the electronic logging and the associated reporting for the tractor and cement tanker are being performed and prepared according to established procedures.  As assigned, monitor the daily truck inspection reports prepared by the drivers of commercial vehicles.

Ensure that the drivers conscientiously wash out the mixer drums on their trucks as required during the day and/or at the end of the day according to the company’s procedures.

Ensure that return concrete is handled according to the company’s procedures, including the proper use of bunker block forms at the plant for the utilization of returned waste concrete.

Coordinate the “emergency” roadside repair work required, if any, for the trucks and equipment.

Be able to climb and work in an elevated area.


Positively supervise the drivers and the plant yard personnel as per the instructions of the plant manager or in the absence of the plant manager according to the company’s procedures and policies.

Mentor job performance, strengthen employee morale, and maximize employee skills to optimize quality and quantity of work.

Interpret company policies, including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations for Driver’s Hours of Service, to employees and enforce regulations.  Ensure the compliance of our drivers with the F. M. C. S. R. for Driver’s Hours of Service.

Assist in the training of new employees.

Assist the plant manager in identifying and creating tasks to keep the employees productive during times of slow business activity.  Assist the personnel in performing and completing these tasks.  For the drivers and the plant yard worker these tasks include but are not limited to plant maintenance, building and grounds maintenance, janitorial duties, and vehicle washing and maintenance.

Assist the plant manager in ensuring that time records for hourly employees are accurately maintained.

Be sensitive to and help to achieve good time management practices for all employees.

Assist the plant manager in coordinating the lunch schedules for all employees.  Also assist the plant manager in scheduling “short days” during the slow winter months.

Positively motivate employees to achieve work goals.


Maintain neat, orderly files and records.

Cultivate and maintain excellent working relationships with internal staff, customers, vendors, suppliers, and others.

Analyze and try to resolve work problems.

Ensure that other records and reports as assigned by the plant manager, including but not limited to plant maintenance reports, inventory reports, fuel consumption records, and truck service records, are properly maintained.

Attend workshops, schools, or seminars recommended by either the plant manager or senior management which would increase knowledge and enhance the employee’s capability to perform the job responsibilities.

Perform other minor administrative work as well as other reasonable tasks assigned by either the plant manager or senior management.



To apply for this job, download and fillout the application or fill out the online form below. If you download the form to fillout, you can print and fax the form to 662-842-6327 or bring in to the nearest B&B plant location.