1. Drive the truck in a safe, professional manner – including shifting, backing, braking, and turning of the truck – both to and from the job.

2. Operate the mixer drum in a safe, careful manner, allowing the drum speed to approach zero before moving the controls from mix to discharge mode or from discharge to mix mode.

3. Take care of the assigned truck and mixer, including performing daily and weekly check – out and preventive maintenance. Prepare the required driver’s report to document this work, and turn it in to the office on the assigned basis. Climb up, onto, and underneath the truck and mixer in order to perform these tasks. Lift the front cap of the truck (cap weighs up to 50 pounds) at the beginning of each work day as part of the truck check – out and preventive maintenance, checking oil and coolant levels and belt condition.

4. Climb into and out of the elevated truck cab as required in the concrete batching and delivery process.

5. Perform the truck wash down after each load is charged or discharged. Climb up and down the mixer ladder after each load is batched and after each load is discharged to wash down and clean the charging hopper, chutes, and rear end of the mixing drum.

6. Observe the condition of the concrete on every load after wash down in order to insure the correct mix consistency prior to the truck leaving the plant yard. Climb up the mixer ladder in order to see into the drum to determine the consistency (slump) of the mix. Add water if required to bring the slump to within specification. Notify the batch or quality control personnel immediately if the mix should appear too wet.

7. Follow the dispatcher’s directional instructions to reach the job site in a safe, timely manner.

8. Solicit and follow the customer’s instructions at the job site in order to get in proper position for the discharge of the concrete. Always use common sense and judgement before following any instructions. Contact the office for advice if instructions do not seem to be reasonable and safe.

9. Complete the required information on the delivery ticket at the job site, being certain to always record the time of arrival on the job site, the time the load was completely discharged, and the water added at the customer’s instruction.

10. Be the company’s eyes and ears on the job site. Drivers must understand the basics of quality control testing in order to advise the B & B dispatcher of any observed job site testing.

11. Lift and handle the chutes (weighing up to 50 pounds each) required for discharge of the concrete out of the truck and for placement into the customer’s pour area. After the discharge of the load and the wash down of the chutes, return the chutes to the chute racks of the truck and store them securely.

12. Lift and place in the truck cab a five-gallon bucket of liquid admixture (weighing up to 45 pounds), if required by the concrete design, for transporting to the job site. At the job site, carry the bucket up the mixer ladder and pour the contents into the mixer drum. Return the five-gallon bucket to the truck cab for reuse.

13. Thoroughly wash out the truck mixer drum at the close of the day and also when there is a gap of as much as thirty minutes in the concrete deliveries. Follow current plant wash out instructions carefully. A final check to assure a clean unit will require climbing the mixer ladder.

14. If there is returned concrete during the day or at the close of the day, follow the dispatcher’s instructions about disposing of the material. Plants with “block” forms for returned concrete require the driver to place the concrete in the forms, making sure the pick – up bar is in place first. If no other help is at hand, it is the driver’s responsibility to consolidate the concrete forms with a shovel or rod and to carefully strike the concrete level with the top of the form when the form is filled. If there is additional returned concrete left after the “block” forms are filled, the driver should consult with the dispatcher concerning it’s disposition.

15. Perform other reasonable tasks around the plant yard as assigned by the supervisor when there are no concrete deliveries to be made and when cleaning and servicing of the driver’s unit have been completed.


To apply for this job, download and fillout the application or fill out the online form below. If you download the form to fillout, you can print and fax the form to 662-842-6327 or bring in to the nearest B&B plant location.